Summer Outdoor Sand Leagues

Rules for Outdoor Leagues (pdf)
Mulligan’s Island, 1000 New London Ave, Cranston, RI (map)
Hillside Country Club, 85 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth, MA (map)

At Mulligan’s Island (June 2 to Aug 25)
Sunday Any Fours Winners “Spike Down Thotiana”
Sunday High School Girls Fours Winners “Raptors 2.0”
Monday Men’s A (adult only) Fours Winners “Justin A’s Team”
Monday Women’s A (Adult only) Fours Winners “Rough Sets”
Tuesday Men’s B (adult only) Fours Winners “Just Team Three”
Tuesday Women’s B (adult only) Fours Winners “The Grateful Digs”
Wednesday Coed A Sixes Winners “The Antibodies”

Wednesday Coed B Sixes Winners “Six Pack”
Thursday Coed A Fours Winners “In Your Face-mask”
Thursday Coed B Fours Winners “Already Winded”
Friday Any Fours A Winners “Max L’s Team”
Friday Any Fours B Winners “Zach F’s Team

At Hillside Country Club (June 14 to Aug 23)
Thursday Any Sixes winners “The Antibodies 2”

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