Outdoor Leagues

Rules for the Leagues (pdf)
Mulligan’s Island, 1000 New London Ave, Cranston, RI (map)
Hillside Country Club, 82 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth, MA (map)

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Fall Leagues at Mulligan’s Island (week of Sept 4 to week of Oct 21)
Sunday Women’s Fours winners “Crock Jocks”
Monday Men’s Fours winners “Bump Set Kill Brandon”
Tuesday Men’s Fours winners “Cobra Commanders”
Wednesday Coed Sixes winners “Because it’s closer”
Thursday Coed Fours winners “Busta Spikes”
Friday Coed Fours winners “Busta Spikes”

Spring Leagues at Mulligan’s Island  (week of April 16 to week of June 2)
Sunday Women’s Fours winners “Gator Bites”
Sunday Coed Fours winners “That’s What She Sets”
Monday Men’s Fours winners “1…2…3…Wings”
Tuesday Men’s Fours winners “Bump Chumps”
Wednesday Coed Sixes winners “Frozen Feet”
Thursday Coed Fours winners “SJ + 3 Crabs”
Friday Coed Fours winners “Team Neil”

Summer Leagues at Mulligan’s Island (week of June 5 to week of Sept 1)
Sunday Any Fours winners “What the Chuck!”
Sunday High School Girls Fours winners “CCC”
Monday High School Boys Fours Double Headers winners “North Smithfield”
Monday Men’s A (adult only) Fours winners “Block To The Future”
Monday Women’s A (Adult only) Fours winners “Rough Sets”
Tuesday Coached Female Doubles winners “Sam and Joanna”
Tuesday Men’s B (adult only) Fours winners “Misfits”
Tuesday Women’s B (adult only) Fours winners “JMTK”
Wednesday High School Coed Fours winners “Traffic Cones”
Wednesday Coed B Sixes winners “Cervasas”
Thursday Any Fours winners “Mendricken”
Thursday Coed A Fours winners “JFL”
Thursday Coed B Fours winners “Coventry Liquors”
Friday Men’s Doubles winners “TNT – We Know Drama”
Friday Coed Doubles winners “Tory and Kirk”

Summer Leagues at Hillside Country Club (week of June 9 to week of August 18)
Thursday Coed Sixes winners “Beat That”