Spring Leagues at Mulligan’s Island  (week of April 15 to week of June 1)
Sunday Women’s Fours winners “You have been served”
Sunday Coed Fours winners “Sandy Shorts”
Monday Men’s Fours winners “Sandy Tacos”
Tuesday Men’s Fours winners “Cobra Commanders”
Wednesday Coed Sixes winners “Serve and Turf”
Thursday Coed Fours winners “Busta Spike”
Friday Coed Fours winners “Katie, Ashley, Jason, Paulie”

Summer Leagues at Mulligan’s Island (week of June 5 to week of Sept 1)
Sunday Any Fours (pdf)
Sunday High School Girls Fours (pdf)
Monday Men’s A (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Monday Women’s A (Adult only) Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Men’s B (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Women’s B (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Wednesday Coed Sixes Court 1 (pdf)
Wednesday Coed Sixes Court 2 (pdf)
Thursday Coed A Fours (pdf)
Thursday Coed B Fours (pdf)
Friday Men’s Doubles (pdf)
Friday Coed Doubles (pdf)

Double Header Summer Leagues at Mulligan’s Island (week of July 9 to week of Aug 23)
Monday PM High School Boys Fours (pdf)
Tuesday AM Female Doubles (pdf)
Tuesday PM Middle School Fours (pdf)
Wednesday PM High School Girls Fours (pdf)
Thursday AM Mens Doubles (pdf)
Thursday PM High School Girls Fours (pdf)

Summer Leagues at Hillside Country Club (week of June 14 to week of Aug 23)
Thursday Coed Sixes (pdf)

Fall Leagues at Mulligan’s Island (week of Sept 4 to week of Oct 21)
Sunday Coed Fours (pdf)
Monday Men’s Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Men’s Fours (pdf)
Wednesday Coed Sixes (pdf)
Thursday Coed Fours (pdf)
Friday Coed Fours (pdf)

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