Tournaments and Scrambles

Rules for Tournaments (pdf)

Mulligan’s Island, 1000 New London Ave, Cranston, RI (map)

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Mizuno Summer Scrambles on Friday Nights from 9:00 pm to midnight
May 18, May 25, June 1, June 15, July 13, July 27, Aug 10,Aug 17

Outdoor Sand Tourneys
May 26th Men’s and Women’s Doubles
May 27th Coed REVCoed Fours

June 16th Men’s and Women’s Doubles
June 17th Any Fours
June 23rd U16-U18 Girls Doubles & U14-U15 Girls Doubles
June 24th Coed REVCoed Fours
June 30th Coed REVCoed Fours

July 14th Men’s Doubles
July 15th TBD
July 21st REVCoed Doubles
July 22nd Any Fours
July 28th U16-U18 Girls Doubles
July 29th Coed REVCoed Fours

August 11th TBD
August 12th TBD
August 18th Coed Doubles
August 19th Any Fours
August 25th Family Doubles